The plot of this high concept, violent action-thriller with satirical black comedy elements is currently under wraps, but expect a big announcement soon.

Original TV series currently in development with soon-to-be-named production partners.


When a grieving, alcoholic father finds out his recently murdered son was secretly a wannabe superhero known as "The Locust," he puts down the bottle, dons the mask, and takes his revenge on the outlaws who done the killin'.

Original TV series previously under option with The Weinstein Company/Dimension with director James McTeigue (V FOR VENDETTA) attached to direct. Rights back in our hands, show back on the market.


A hateful, vitriolic basement dwelling podcaster goes viral, garners an audience of enemies, and faces deadly backlash.

Original dramatic independent micro-budget feature film currently in production. Early 2018 targeted wrap date.


Dark thriller. Plot under wraps.

Original screenplay written for Zac Efron's Ninjas Runnin' Wild.


A brilliant scientist is tormented by a deranged alternate reality version of himself who is hellbent on getting back the family he lost in his own world.

Original sci-fi thriller screenplay, currently available.


Animal rights activists are trapped in an animal research facility during a botched raid and find themselves under attack by the very animals - some subjected to horrific aggression studies - they came to save.

Original found footage horror screenplay for Italian genre directors The Manetti Brothers.


Aimless after getting his long-sought revenge on the bandit who killed his brothers, a condemned man reluctantly agrees to take on a murderous band of outlaws known as THE VULTURES.

Screenplay adaptation of the Robert E. Howard novella "The Vultures of Whapeton" for Paradox Entertainment.


The REAPERS are an elite black-ops team deployed to remote, untamed conflict zones in a brutal fantasy setting. Their mission: to assassinate covert targets, conduct rescue operations, and gather intelligence.

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Original eBook serial.


After a cheating husband is brutally killed, his wife and mistress are trapped together in a remote cabin and must work together to survive a siege by a pack of vicious dogs — and their sadistic master.

Original screenplay currently available. Novelization in development.


When an AWOL soldier's bad-seed brother ropes him into a desperate plan to rob their local bank, the boys get more than they bargained for as an inside job's also in the works.

Original screenplay currently available.


A “Monkey’s Paw” morality play. When a psychopathic Vietnam vet’s terminal heart condition grants him early release from prison, he tracks down the fellow soldier whose life he saved in ‘Nam forty years ago and demands the debt be repaid: He wants the man’s heart.

Novel and original screenplay in development.


In Ancient Greece, a heartbroken father takes his own life so that he may descend into Hades, seek out the dead soul of the soldier who brutally murdered his only daughter… and have the revenge denied him in the living world.

Original screenplay currently available.


...Who's there? A man becomes unhinged as he's tormented by a mysterious, hellish racket.

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Short Film. Written, directed, produced, edited, mixed and starring Chris & Jason Thornton.